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reverse mortgage research

Reverse Mortgage Research Important

Reverse mortgage research is essential for anyone considering the misunderstood financial product.  Many studies have been conducted investigating the uses of a reverse mortgage, as well as the benefits and potential drawbacks.  Reverse mortgage research takes time, and it’s important to consider your own personal situation before rushing to a decision.  Many people will find the reverse mortgage to be a great fit and good option for their financial plan in retirement.  Others will determine they should investigate other options.  Take a look at the excellent article written for Reuters last week, “Reverse Mortgages Are Worth a Look, If Approached With Caution.” by Liz Weston.

The author points out that even while CFPB and other regulators are criticizing the lack of clarity in advertising, that reverse mortgage research is being done that supports the use of the product.  Economics and finance professors from many universities and organizations have examined the reverse mortgage program closely and devised mutliple strategies for their use.  Reverse mortgage research suggests that setting up a standby line of credit with the program can improve the odds of your retirement resources lasting throughout your life.  The studies published in the well-respected Journal of Financial Planning have supported the use of a reverse mortgage as a financial planning and retirement planning tool.  The author’s have suggested everyone consider a reverse mortgage as an essential part of their planning.  Recent reverse mortgage research also suggested that people act now to maximize their potential use of the standby line of credit.

Financial planner’s are using the reverse mortgage and recommending its use much more often than in past years.  The excellent analysis and research done by economists and financial professional’s has improved awareness.  This is an important step for reverse mortgages, and research suggests that use of the product will increase in coming years.  Be sure to do your reverse mortgage research and find out exactly how they can work for you.

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